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About this event:

Our vision for the Linqto platform was to democratize private equity investing by providing access, affordability, and liquidity. And now, we're taking things to the next level by introducing liquidity on the platform itself, allowing our members to buy and sell their holdings at market prices without having to wait for an exit.

At Linqto, we’ve been granted our FINRA broker dealer and ATS licenses, making us a go-to legal and compliant platform for investors; an ATS is a regulated platform that enables the trading of securities outside of traditional stock exchanges. It will make it possible for investors to buy and sell shares in private emerging unicorn companies much more easily and efficiently than before.  

On the 30th of March we will be hosting a Linqto Learn with Patty Brewer, our CPO, and Bill Sarris, our CEO, who will go into all the details of what this final piece of the puzzle means for you as an investor, as well as a demo of how it works… 

  • Online Event - Zoom Webinar
  • Thursday, March 30th, 2023
  • 09:00 - 10:00 AM PDT

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Bill Sarris, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Linqto

Bill is a recognized expert in the field of streaming and collaborative technology, Co-Founder of Linqto and the inventor of Linqto technology. He has delivered major enterprise software applications for Microsoft, Intuit, Digital Insight, NCR, Stanford and other clients. For Intuit, he developed applications for QuickBooks, Mint and the recent upgrade to QuickBooks Online. For Digital Insight, Bill managed Linqto's engagement for their new Promotion Suite and Business Banking systems. With over a decade of experience in financial services applications, digital and mobile banking, his work has received the Forrester Groundswell Award and The Monarch innovation Award for Banking.


Patty Brewer, Chief Product Officer, Linqto

Patty is a passionate leader in bringing technology solutions to market that solve important problems for customers and other stakeholders. She spent 10 years at Intuit where she was instrumental in the launch of several strategic product initiatives including the first personal financial management solution integrated within online banking. She also worked on other flagship products such as Mint and Quicken. Patty served in executive leadership roles at several startups - Nav and Petzey - where she successfully led the launches of solutions that consistently exceeded the business goals of the respective businesses. 

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Linqto Learn is a series of educational events designed to keep our community of accredited investors up-to-date with new opportunities, trends, and the information you need to guide you through your financial journey.

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