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Are you razor smart? Aided by a powerful machine? You’ll still struggle to answer this: at what point do the societal costs of not exploiting a transformative technology outweigh the conspicuous risks of using it?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been one of the most significant technological advancements in recent years. It has revolutionized various sectors, including healthcare, manufacturing and finance. It’s also continuing to evolve at unprecedented speed. However, with this new technology comes a growing concern for ethics; it’s a field that’s clouded by controversies over algorithmic bias, the erosion of privacy, the excessive concentration of corporate power and the longer-term threat of a runaway superintelligence.

What are the benefits that might be lost by not fully using AI? How do we ensure that AI systems are profitable and responsible? Who decides its moral compass and what lens should we apply when investing? What companies are getting it right? With great power comes great responsibility - and as AI continues to evolve, we must explore its ethical horizons. 

To talk with Eve Logunova-Parker, Dr. Jacquelyn Ford Morie, and Dr. Alessandra Sala is to be reminded of the intellectual excitement surrounding the technology. We’ll be sitting down with them on the 25th of May at 9am PT for one hour. Expect a lively debate on the vital importance and dangers of ethical AI investment. Because as investors we have an important role to play in influencing the technology’s positive direction. 

Is this the ultimate general-purpose learning machine, one that can empower humanity to tackle the greatest challenges of our times: healthcare, energy transition and economic productivity? Is this to be the world’s most tireless research assistant? How should we proceed with caution?

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  • Online Event - Zoom Webinar
  • Thursday, May 25th, 2023
  • 09:00 - 10:00 AM PDT

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Eve Logunova-Parker, Founder & CEO, Evenness

Eve is a visionary Web3 & Metaverse consultant, AI-driven entrepreneur, and innovation4good-focused professional from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She has been recognized as one of the TOP 100 Women of the Future in the Web 3 & Metaverse domain (2022), one of the TOP 100 Women to KNOW in America (2023), and one of the TOP 10 AI experts from the Netherlands (2021).  In early 2023, Eve and her team launched their immersive marketplace for upskilling and on-demand consulting, specifically designed for senior-level executives and vetted Web3 experts to collaborate, leverage the power of Web3, and achieve success.


Dr. Jacquelyn Ford Morie, Founder & Chief Scientist, All These Worlds, LLC

Dr. Ford Morie is a renowned artist, computer scientist, and pioneer in the field of Virtual Reality (VR). Dr. Ford Morie's unique blend of artistic talent and scientific knowledge has enabled her to create VR experiences that have a lasting impact on people. She has been at the forefront of groundbreaking VR projects, from the Sensory Environments Evaluation Project to the Memory Stairs and a virtual world ecosystem for NASA called ANSIBLE (A Network of Social Interactions for Bilateral Life Enhancement). In 2022, Dr. Ford Morie was honored with the prestigious Accenture VR Lifetime Achievement Award for her contributions to the field of VR.


Dr. Alessandra Sala, Sr. Director of AI & Data Science, Shutterstock

Dr. Sala is the Co-chair of UNESCO’s Women for Ethical AI, and Global President at Women in AI. She is an award-winning researcher, ethical innovator, and business leader who has dedicated her career to transferring innovation from research to practical applications in the areas of advanced analytics, machine learning, and computational models. As the Global President of Women in AI, Alessandra leads a non-profit organization that is committed to promoting diversity, inclusion, and equality for women and minorities in the field of AI. Her focus is on encouraging an ethical approach to Artificial Intelligence that benefits society as a whole. Recently, Dr. Sala was appointed as the Co-chair of UNESCO's Women for Ethical AI platform, which aims to promote gender diversity and empowerment by engaging women in AI to advance the ethical development and deployment of AI, ensuring fair and inclusive outcomes.

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